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Bernt  Sulebust More than 20 years of experience with  World-wide IT-operations.

Genealogy,old photos and documents

For years I have been collecting old photos (including negatives), documents and otherwise
interesting material about my ancestors. This has resulted in an enormous amount of data.
I have spent a lot of spare time digitizing the material and my plan is to make everything
available in digital form. Although digitized material does not have the look, feel and touch ... in some cases even the smell of the original material, I hope it will be a good way to preserve at least the content of it  and thus make it available for those in my family that will find it interesting.

When all the collected material is digitized the next step will be to organize and make it presentable in one form or another. I expect this might be a job which will last for many years. But that is quite OK as I really love to look at these family pictures and get an insight in their lives and activities.

In connection with this activity I am also trying to find the name and history for as many previous generations as possible. The more I find out the more interesting it becomes. There are many stories, faits and destinies that are uncovered the deeper I search.

When I started creating my family tree I knew just a few names. Now the tree contains over 1100 names and the majority of the branches goes back to the 1600's, some even further.

Escpecially the grandmother on my fathers side was a eager photographer and has been the source for numberous photos from my familys life for large parts of the 20th century. Then my father fortunately had the insight to keep and store the material until I eventually came along to digitize and organize them. Today these pictures speak “a thousand words”.

My Great-Grandparents and their families. The family tree with over 1000 names going back 14 generations (original goes even longer).

As I come across a special piece of information or stories that might be interesting I will in some cases make special notes or booklets which I will make available for those who find it interesting. So far I have released two such special books. See the infobox at top for available topics.

My Great-Grandparents at the Sulebust farm (where my name comes from).